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First woman appointed to Chief Justice of the High Court

In November of last year, the Honourable Justice Susan May Kiefel AC was appointed as the 13th Chief Justice of the High Court. This was a landmark moment for Australia’s legal system, according to the Law Council of Australia, as Justice Kiefel will be the first woman appointed to the role.

Law Council President, Stuart Clark AM, describes Justice Kiefel as a ‘…trailblazer for women in the legal profession.’ Her experience reads as one who has worked hard to achieve this, with positions including the first female QC appointed in Queensland in 1987, then appointed to the Queensland Supreme Court in 1993 and the Federal Court of Australia in 1994. Justice Kiefel also served as President of the Queensland Bar Association and part-time Commissioner of the Australian Law Reform Commission.

Justice Keifel’s career in the legal profession should serve as an inspiration not just for females, but for all young people who have an aspiration to work in the legal system.

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Law in the Northern Territory

In this blog part of the website, our team will be sharing thoughtful articles and guides to help you understand how the law affects you in the Northern Territory.

Even though a lot of law applies nationally, there are many unique aspects to Top End living that locally-based lawyers and solicitors understand, let alone the areas where our local laws and regulations DO diverge from other states and territories.